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things i really love → snow and snowflakes

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My copy of Last Hope finally arrived, so I decided to scan the pretty pictures from the limited edition booklet and Stellaworth’s tokuten since I don’t think anyone’s done that yet.

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Some scans for ChouHana from the latest issue of B’s Log’s Bitter Princess magazine. I didn’t scan all of them since the other cg samples are all NSFW and I didn’t want to scan with people around |D; I might rescan later, though, since rn I need to leave soon so I didn’t properly take out the pages.

I’m so excite for this fandisc even if I sort of wish they went with the other bad ending for Majima since I’m curious to learn a slight bit more about what happens in that one than the the one here, although I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re going to cover any of the bad endings at all tbh……

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